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Why our interior decorators love love love to work with You...

It takes a lot of hard work to pull off any project, and not just anyone can do it, it takes skill and a special eye, interior design is about more than just rushing into a home, ruffling the scatter cushions, or re-arranging the furniture.

A million things have to be considered, an Interior decorater pays attention to detail and considers things such as: furniture placement, colour, interior style, functional decor, tone and aesthetics.

Our team are passionate and ahead in the game, they will decorate to suit your home and personal taste.

Active Curtains Style


Curtains, blinds and accessories play a major role in interior decorating as they add color, texture and pattern to your living or work space, they can soften or emphasize the architectural qualities of a room and provide a sense of warmth. It is your choice to use them as a focal point of a room or simply for practical purposes of filtering light or providing privacy. You can follow a trend, or just create your own unique style.

Products include:

Curtain heading types: Wave, Pinch Pleat, Eyelet, Tab top, Goblet pleat, Ruche, Smock, Multi pleat, and Ring top Headings.

Accessories: Rods, Poles, Rails, Finials, Valance's, Glide, ripple & motorized curtain tracks, Rods, poles and rails come in many shapes and sizes and are more than a means for a curtain to hang on. From very simple through to exquisite brass and bodacious wrought iron poles. Hold backs include from decorative wood, stainless steel, glass, banana tiebacks, tussle and rope tiebacks.

We also provide specialized curtain looks in the form of adding a flap for accent and various other options.

Interior Curtain Decor
Curtain Wave
Curtain Room Makeover


Roman Blinds - is a window blind made of a fabric and color of choice that draws up into soft pleats

Roller Blinds (Vision, SheerWeave, Lightfiltering, Blockout & Visage) - a window blind, which is a piece of material fitted onto a roller, it can be rolled up to open window or roll down completely to cover window

Bamboo Blinds - similar to roller blind, material is different

Sliding Panel Blinds - Panels of fabric, they move left or right and are excellent room dividers, they are ideal for large windows, glass stacking doors and patio doors

Designer Fabric Collection - wide variety of fabrics available, usually imported, offers beautiful designs

Vertical Blinds - a window covering made of vertical strips of fabric (firm cloth) or plastic.

Venetian Blinds - these include wood, plastic or metal and are held together by cords that run through the blind slats and can be adjusted by rotating them from an open position to a closed position with either a manual or remote control, which allows the slats to overlap and block out most of the light.

Accessories: Half round valances, end caps, decorative items including buttons, tussles, eyelets, braids, beaded flowers, corsages, poles, finials, scallops, pulls.

Modern Roman Blinds
Vision Blinds
Stylish Roller Blinds

Soft furnishings

Bedding, Scatters & Throws

  • We offer standard and custom design bedding from Comforters, Quilts, and linen in a variety of colors including embroidery. Have a look in our gallery to see all the color options. High quality From 200 thread count and upwards
  • Our scatters range in any size and shape with or without trimmings, and we offer a wide choice of plain and accent fabrics to choose from. Different inners available from Feather and featherlike to comforel
  • A wide variety of throws available either custom made or sourced in a wide variety of textures for example: wool, silk, fleece, fur, fabric, knitted, or quilted.
Custom Colour Bedding
Scatters & Throws Furnishings
Custom Soft Furnishings

Furniture & Upholstery

Furniture refurbishment & Custom furniture

  • We source furniture of any kind especially to fit specific spaces
  • We Upholster new or old furniture to give you the freedom of choice by choosing your own fabric
  • We source furniture of any kind especially to fit specific spaces
  • We can produce any shape or size ottoman, headboard or occasional chair and couch
Furniture Refurbishment
Furniture & Upholstery
Upholstery and Refurbishment

Wallpaper & Paint



  • Wall paper is creative, innovative and add a lot of character to a room
  • We source, existing wallpaper designs or can custom print any design a print, photo or picture for you
  • Mural’s and wall art is also included in the range of designs we can show you
  • We have a specialized team that take care of the installation for you

Wallpaper Installation – What to Expect

Wallpaper Room Installation
  • Bubbles
    One of the most common complaints is that newly hung wallpaper develop bumps or bubbles. Do not poke of press on it. It will disappear within a day or two
  • Seams opening up
    Less common - If the room is too hot this may cause the adhesive to dry very fast by the time the wallpaper is attached to the wall , However this is rare



  • From a plain accent wall, a complete project, or a surprise element
  • We offer, color design or art advise for your décor scheme
White Rose Wallpaper
Wallpaper and Paint
Custom Painted Murals

Area Rugs

The right area rug pulls the décor of a room together and is a very NB element in the entire décor project.

  • We supply area rugs in various designs, colors, textures and sizes
  • We can also custom size area rugs for a specific space
Multi Color Rug
Designer Area Rugs
Custom Color, Sizes and Textures

Glass Frosting

Freedom of choice and design, even a personal touch

  • Window frosting will add privacy and security to your windows or doors while still allowing 95% natural light through, with the benefit of adding clean design for Modern living.
Glass Frosting Design
Modern Window Frosting
Residential Window Frosting


Curtain Cleaning Service

We wash, re-hang and re-drape your existing curtains or window treatments.

Cleaning your curtains has great hygiene benefit; it will get rid of dust that gets trapped in the fabric which in turn can benefit allergies.

Active Curtains Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning Process

  • The entire process will happen in our workshop
  • We Use an industrial strength vacuum machine to remove dust, grit, hair and other foreign matter.
  • Pre-treatment of stains
  • Cleaning of curtains with a spray and extraction machine.
  • Lubrication of rails and overall checking of hardware

NB Note:Rust and watermarks and sun streaks will remain

Decor Cushions
Active Cleaning Team
Curtains and Window Treatments
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