Before and After Interior Design

13 Dec 2017

Before and After images of our Active Cleaning Teams work

17 Nov 2017

Calming Wall Muriel added.

17 Nov 2017

Before and After Glass Frosting Exterior Window

13 Sep 2017
  • Soft furnishings - Before
  • Soft furnishings - After
07 Jul 2017
  • Curtains - AC1
  • Redesigned Wingback Chair
  • Chair Colour Pattern

Our client had no fear for patterns or colour. She wanted an out of the box, bold look for her two old wingback chairs.

30 Jun 2017

We achieved this light and airy colour scheme by moving towards cooler colours and using light sheer fabrics. We transformed the look of the curtains to a modern approach to suit the new furniture.

  • Window Before Staircase
  • Window Before Redesign
  • After New Curtain
  • Staircase Curtain Design
  • dining room redesign
23 Jun 2017
  • Before Room Redesign
  • Curtain Steel Rod Before
  • After Modern Curtain
  • Simple Modern Redesign

Our client's brief was: "Keep it light, but I want Drama". We used a simple yet elegant sheer #curtain with a large modern print, a stainless steel rod and a wave heading.

09 Jun 2017

Our brief was to give this boys room a fresh look and make it easier for them to share. Due to budget constraints, we made a few changes with great effect. We repainted the bunk beds, gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, and added some custom bedding and a few pieces of furniture and accessories.

  • Childrens Room Before
  • Boys Bunk Bed Before
  • Childrens Room Wall Before
  • Repainting Furniture During
  • Repainted Bunk Bed
  • Completed Boys Room
  • Childrens Room Redesigned
  • Completed Childrens Room
02 Jun 2017
  • TV Room Before
  • Family Room Before
  • TV Room After
  • family room after
  • Redesigned Eating Space
  • TV Room Redesigned
  • Redesigned New Portrait
  • New Arm Chair

This lounge needed a makeover. Our client’s brief was clear, they did not want curtains. We came up with a plan and framed stunning fabric that was placed on either side of the window. And to create atmosphere, we added a few scatter cushions, an area rug and some throws.

26 May 2017

We lightened up this lounge with a soft muslin backdrop and made swags with dummies. The soft duck egg coloured scatter #cushions helped to further soften and lighten up the room.

  • Living Room Before
  • Kitchen Redesign
  • Pillow Redesign
  • Kitchen Redesign Duration
  • Living Room Duration
  • Living Room Completed
  • Kitchen Design Completed
  • New Pillows

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