Interior Curtain Decor

Curtains, blinds and accessories play a major role in interior decorating as they add color, texture and pattern to your living or work space, they can soften or emphasize the architectural qualities of a room and provide a sense of warmth. It is your choice to use them as a focal point of a room or simply for practical purposes of filtering light or providing privacy. You can follow a trend, or just create your own unique style.

Products include:

Curtain heading types: Wave, Pinch Pleat, Eyelet, Tab top, Goblet pleat, Ruche, Smock, Multi pleat, and Ring top Headings.

Accessories: Rods, Poles, Rails, Finials, Valance’s, Glide, ripple & motorized curtain tracks, Rods, poles and rails come in many shapes and sizes and are more than a means for a curtain to hang on. From very simple through to exquisite brass and bodacious wrought iron poles. Hold backs include from decorative wood, stainless steel, glass, banana tiebacks, tussle and rope tiebacks.

We also provide specialized curtain looks in the form of adding a flap for accent and various other options.

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